When I am drawing I feel as if I were the character I am creating.

It must come out true and alive.
If it does, it is pure magic.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I am sooo glad my characters have gone for a walk! 
What if they like it? 
You may find them in an art gallery in France:
"GALERIE DU VIEUX BELFORT, 8 Place de la Grande Fontaine, 90000 Belfort

this one is 
looking for 
a home...

that one
is trying
to make you
the bat needs
a cave.
there are lots
of them
in France.

this one's looking
for a birthday party.
I am sure he will 
find one.

the crow would love 
some company. 
To share his wisdom with.

Somebody out there? :)

Just pen, a bit of pencil and little water on paper... 

For any information contact   galerieduvieuxbelfort@orange.fr  or  dainiuss@splius.lt 

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