When I am drawing I feel as if I were the character I am creating.

It must come out true and alive.
If it does, it is pure magic.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

This is a real surprise!
First of all, it is a huge surprise for me.
Secondly, it will be a nice surprise for you.
Then, many thanks to Jeanne Plante, a French musician and writer!
Last but not least, have a little glance at what is to follow in the near future!
Any ideas? ;)

I am eager to tell you more but you have to be patient!

It was fun, it was hard, it was interesting, it was so constructive...

And it is still the very beginning :)

Let's wait!...

My best regards to all of you,

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

You are sooooo nice to me!
And I thought...  well...
The best present ever of course is...
 a piece of cheese....
But you have to go to France for cheese....
When I get there I will bring it for you definetely.
You will wait until then, won't you?..

As for now I offer to you something that smells 
almost as good as cheese does.

For any information please contact dainiuss@splius.lt

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Papier Maché

Drawing and sculpting at the same time is let's say... 
slightly driving...   


These are just a few ones of all the zoo that I am feeding at home at the moment. Well, more precisely, they sleep under a few tables and almost all windowsills. 

To tell you the truth, they do eat a lot even if they're quite nice. I wonder how I will manage to deal with all of them everywhere. 

They're having a walk all over my flat. They try dresses, jackets, umbrellas - no need to tell them there's no rain inside, suitcases and know-not-what-else. They invent all kinds of music instruments and they even make noise. I should make a film I guess, otherwise you would never believe me... 
The good thing about them is that they're good natured, well educated and always in a good mood! I swear! 

Hopefully, there will be some adoptions... Won't there?!!
Suddenly I am scared. 

For any information, contact  dainiuss@splius.lt

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I am sooo glad my characters have gone for a walk! 
What if they like it? 
You may find them in an art gallery in France:
"GALERIE DU VIEUX BELFORT, 8 Place de la Grande Fontaine, 90000 Belfort

this one is 
looking for 
a home...

that one
is trying
to make you
the bat needs
a cave.
there are lots
of them
in France.

this one's looking
for a birthday party.
I am sure he will 
find one.

the crow would love 
some company. 
To share his wisdom with.

Somebody out there? :)

Just pen, a bit of pencil and little water on paper... 

For any information contact   galerieduvieuxbelfort@orange.fr  or  dainiuss@splius.lt 

Friday, December 23, 2011



     Do not ignore wolfs on Christmas!
     The secret is that they love being treated well 
     Especially when they are hungry :)

     Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2012 for each and everyone of you!
     (with no end of the world for the wolf)

Print, water colour paper
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Once there was Christmas...
Loads of snow
A gorgeous Christmas tree
With the dreams on it:
Tasty pies
Lots of fish 
And jars of cranberry jam
Some coffee in the morning
And some soup late at night
An apple with a happy worm in it
And certainly a cherry high on a cherry tree in June
A rose umbrella under the rain 
and sooooo much of good mood!
These were good dreams
Good dreams!
It was written on these dreams: 
If really dreamt they might even come to see you!

Postcards, print, watercolour paper
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


My cats come from elsewhere. 
Not like the earthling cats. 
The earthling cats are domestic, wild and whatever Wikipedia says, 
whereas my cats are from somewhere else. 
Somewhere in between. 
You agree, don't you? 
Let'say you've never seen a cat like this one below, have you? 
Thank you.

My cats speak.
Even if you can't really hear them, you actually hear them. 
And even worse... 
YOU start speaking to them. 
And even worse... you reach out your hand trying to touch them. 
A rare phenomena indeed.

What nationality are they? 
You must tell me, because I hesitate. 
Wikipedia refuses to help me here. 
The cats are mysterious on this point, as well. 

But be careful, don't frighten them! 
They hate it when you call them English
 when they are French, or vice versa.

Yeah, they love colours. 
Like a certain panther. 
They find the world a bit too grey they must share with humans.
So why not colouring it in rose from time to time?

My cats dream a lot. 
And they like when everyone around knows about these dreams. 
Even fish. 
Especially the golden one. 
What an idea to have it for breakfast, 
when you may have everything else on Earth...

For exemple, all the fish on Earth?........

And mice, of course!
I've been joking, you have misunderstood me. 
Hey! A bit of imagination please! 

No war for Christ's sake! Only love!

And a lot of frozen fish, for exemple.

In fact, my cats are ... you.

According to the constitution of the Republic of Uzupis (in Vilnius, Lithuania) "Eveyone has the right to love and take care of the cat as well as the cat is not obliged to love its owner, but must help in time of need."

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